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“Our primary mission is to help people overcome their health barriers in whatever way they need it”
Zane Lawrence

Founder, Inner Strength


Inner Strength Health & Performance

A company with strong roots in New Zealand, Inner Strength Health & Performance was established in 2014 by co-founders Hayden Brown and Zane Lawrence. Our years of experience working in corporate gyms led us to one paramount revelation: there is no universal approach to achieving health, fitness, and the ‘ideal body’. Each individual requires a unique approach to enhance their health, strength, and overall quality of life. There is no one-size-fits-all; a comprehensive strategy is paramount.

Inner Strength’s vision signifies a paradigm shift from the conventional notion that ‘health’ is merely the absence of disease or illness. We are firm believers that optimal health is not just attainable but is a fundamental cornerstone for leading a fulfilling and empowered life.

Our integrative approach aims to cater to all facets of your health. These facets encompass your Physical, Mental, Familial, and Vocational health. We uphold the belief that honouring your health will inevitably lead to improved performance in these core four areas of life. Inner Strength is all about empowering you to be the best version of yourself!

Our unique combination of 1:1 nutrition, coaching, training, and chiropractic health means you have all the bases covered in your wellness journey.

Training and Coaching

Our coaches are dedicated, passionate and constantly levelling up their own game. Your wins are our wins… expect nothing less than the top-shelf 1:1 coaching.

Coached Care System

No more disconnected health professionals. We’re a dream team working together to supercharge your health results, giving you the best bang for your buck.


Our health professional network can provide you with exclusive ‘Practitioner-Only’ natural health products. These top-tier supplement blends are exclusively available to members.

We’re about personalised plans, custom-made just for you. We’re not just a gym; we’re your health transformation HQ

Professional Trainers

Our trainers and health coaches are here for you

Modern Gym Facilities

Free weights, cardio and weight machines… we’ve got what you need

Nutritional Experts

Let your coach build a plan for your specific needs and goals

Expert Chiro Care

Build strength and flexibility, manage pain and find freedom
… and so much more!


Members enjoy the reinvigorating benefits of our infra-red sauna.
Zane Lawrence

Zane Lawrence

Co-Founder and Director / Health Coach & Personal Trainer / Biosignature Practitioner

Focus – lean muscle mass gain, Functional strength training, Knee shoulder and back strengthening, optimising body composition, sports event training, muscular rehabilitation.

Experience and Qualifications – Certificate in Exercise Science, Diploma in Applied Fitness, Bachelor in Sport and Recreation, Registered Biosignature Practitioner.

Dr Olivia Borlase

Dr Olivia Borlase


Focus – Chiropractic care, Integrative Health, Functional Movement, Mind and body interconnectedness

Experience and Qualifications – Registered Chiropractor, BSc. (Chiropractic), MNZCA, Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function, Postural Neurology Seminar.

Marcus Rose

Marcus Rose

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Fat loss and toning, Aerobic conditioning, Martial Arts and self defense, Muscle gain, Sports specific strength and performance training.

Experience and Qualifications – Bachelor of Sports Science, Diploma of Exercise Sport, Founder of the MGC training System. (martial arts and gym combined), Qualified squash New Zealand level 1 coach, Qualified outdoor recreation instructor, Black belts and certified in Quantum martial arts, Jeet Kune do, Ryukyu Kempo Karate, Zen do Kai, Certified Muay Thai Instructor – AASFP

Tania Simpson

Tania Simpson

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Strength training, Nutritional coaching, Injury prevention and rehabilitation, Fat loss

Experience and Qualifications – Certificate in Exercise Science, Diploma in Applied Fitness, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Precision Nutrition level one coach, Muscle Nerds Physique Seminar.

Daniel Grimshaw

Daniel Grimshaw

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Optimal Strength training, Increasing muscle mass, Optimizing body composition – fat loss / toning, Injury prevention and rehabilitation, Sport specific conditioning, Technique & postural development

Experience and Qualifications – Certificate in Exercise Science, Diploma in Applied Fitness, Bachelor of Sport and Recreation.

Lachie Doyle

Lachie Doyle

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Fat loss and Body Re-composition, Functional Movement and athletic Performance, Structural Balance and Injury Rehabilitation, Health, Well-being & Lifestyle Coaching

Experience and Qualifications – Bachelor of Sport & Exercise, Precision Nutrition (current study)

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Optimising body composition, increase energy, functional strength, sports & golf specific training

Experience & Qualifications – Precision nutrition 1, Titleist performance institute, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, Xymogen Nutrition Practitioner

Kayla Hearne

Kayla Hearne

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Focus – Strength training for all ages, Hypertrophy & improving body composition. Mobility & flexibility

Experience and Qualifications – Diploma in Sport, Recreation and Exercise. First Aid Certificate. Precision Nutrition L1 (current study)

Pip, Annie, Aimee, and Rochelle

Pip, Annie, Aimee, and Rochelle

Our Admin Team

They are here to assist you with any questions or help you need, just reach out!

Meet Zane and Olivia

Your wellness dream team

Zane has carved out a niche in the fitness world since 2006 and spearheaded Inner Strength since 2014. His knack for innovative health systems is unparalleled. Olivia, a seasoned chiropractor, is a staunch advocate for merging strength training with chiropractic care to propel wellness. Together, they form your ultimate wellness dream team. United in purpose, they blend Zane’s problem-solving expertise with Olivia’s holistic approach. The synergy of their skills sets a new standard for health, making it not just attainable but also sustainable.

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Couldn’t recommend Inner Strength enough! love the atmosphere and feel comfortable in the environment. Have trained with Tania for the past few years and she always listens and helps me reach my goals, The staff are friendly and always willing to help out. All of my friends and family train at Inner strength and it’s such a welcoming community!

Shannen Brown


This is a really unique gym, so different from the rest! The owners really have a passion for knowledge in all areas of health and fitness, their trainers are constantly up-skilled and it shows! They even have a functional medicine doctor that works out of the gym to help with nutrition and gut health at a more advanced level, also they have amazing equipment! The best NZ has to offer👌

Josh Henry


Grace CruseGrace Cruse
03:52 29 Feb 24
I’ve been to so many different gyms and Inner Strength has been the only one I’ve stuck too! All the staff are so friendly, welcoming and super helpful. It’s not packed either so I didn’t feel intimidated at all when I first joined! Definitely recommend!!
Emma BoyesEmma Boyes
01:01 12 Feb 24
Angela DonaldsonAngela Donaldson
01:35 29 Jan 24
There is nothing I don't like about Inner Strength. The gym is never too busy and it is easy to find times where you will find 1-3 others there working out. The women on the reception desk are a delight - so friendly and always ready for a genuine 'pleased to see you' welcome chat. The trainers and members (kids to elderly) are also friendly, always chill and ready with a smile. It is a relaxed atmosphere which I really enjoy. There is nothing pretentious about Inner Strength. There are no blearing TV screens and I love the music! Im a George FM listener so if you like that you'll be happy here. The gym is also super clean. There is a lovely young woman who is employed to clean the equipment and members are really good at cleaning the machines after use. I'm nearly 50 and only recently started back at the gym after a 13 year break and Inner Strength has been perfect for me.
mac taggartmac taggart
04:03 15 Jan 24
I attend here and see a trainer twice a week. Right from the time you lwalk through the door I find it a pleasant environment. Nice clean facilities
Tom HeijsTom Heijs
18:35 28 Dec 23
Visited the gym on a casual rate of $15pp as I was only in the Nelson region for a short period of time. Clean gym with good bathrooms. All basic gym equipment including free weights available.
Haylie NixonHaylie Nixon
02:02 20 Dec 23
Olivia is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a fair few!!! Amazing techniques suited to each body! I’d be lost or crippled without her!
Paul MckenziePaul Mckenzie
09:37 08 Dec 23
Inner Strength team are friendly and professional. Getting you to the next level of Mind and Body Fitness .What ever your goals are.
Claudia GreenClaudia Green
21:31 10 Oct 23
I have been a member of Inner Strength since 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. Staff are friendly and approachable and the gym itself caters to a wide range of members with varying goals and motivations. I like the sense of inclusivity that Inner Strength brings to all its members.
Laura SmithLaura Smith
19:31 23 Jan 22
I have always felt uncomfortable in ‘normal’ gyms, but the team at Inner Strength have made the transition from group training to single training smooth and easy for me.They only have the members best intentions at heart, and everyone including other members are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand when needed.Matt has been amazing to see for PT sessions as he really helped me to focus on areas that needed work instead of just giving me a general plan. He created 2 seperate plans for me and helped me through them until I was comfortable doing them by myself. He really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him.The range of equipment is great, the gym is not overly busy and you can workout without the fear of feeling intimidated.Thanks to the team at Inner Strength, I am now really loving and enjoying my fitness journey and will continue to support your business.
mac taggartmac taggart
03:29 13 Sep 21
Lisa QuinnLisa Quinn
01:10 11 May 21
John KennedyJohn Kennedy
23:07 14 Oct 20
nicki van Aschnicki van Asch
21:17 18 May 20
Cutting edge fitness, training and nutrition. Recommend
Anna EmmelmannAnna Emmelmann
02:50 18 May 20
I could not rate Inner Strength high enough. It is a great gym and the staff are highly professional and are always willing to assist. The gym is hygienic, neat and tidy and has a great range of exercise equipment as well as all your supplement needs.My consultation with Hayden was very professional, he communicated very well and really understood my needs and goals. He worked with me on a more holistic approach for my weightless journey. He offered consistent support and I believe this is so importation when you are wanting to achieve the best you can.If you want to be a part of a gym that really cares about your fitness, wellbeing and short and long term goals, then Inner Strength is the place for you.
Monique DaviesMonique Davies
00:33 17 May 20
Absolutely love the gym. Run by incredible people!! So cool to have a locally owned and run gym in Richmond. All the trainers are super friendly and always eager to help. They’re all knowledgeable and want to help you hit your goals in what’s comfortable to you. Reception staff continuously provide a beautiful welcome every time.
Vinay LalVinay Lal
10:02 19 Jun 19
Inner Strength is an amazing place to train. The service provided is next level! Awesome trainers with incredible skills and knowledge to help you overcome any obstacle. I've never felt more comfortable at a gym.
Hanan SatherleyHanan Satherley
00:08 18 Jun 19
Inner Strength Health & Performance is an awesome place to train! The team there are very supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. They have great group workout sessions that are fun but challenging too. I enjoy the whole aspect of their approach to training and nutrition. Hayden helped me out hugely with nutrition as a diabetic and what approach I should take. Nice little gym with good equipment to train with. I would recommend checking out Inner Strength and talking to Hayden or one of the team if you are keen on achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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Inner Strength Health & Performance

5 McIndoe Place,
Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand

(03) 544 7786


Staffed Hours

Inner Strength is open 24 hours 7 days for your convenience. Our staffed hours are as follows:

Monday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Tuesday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm
24/7 for members and key-card holders

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5 McIndoe Place,
Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand

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