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At Inner Strength, we provide custom health solutions through our expanding team of skilled Chiropractors, including our seasoned expert, Dr. Olivia Borlase. Specializing in pain-free mobility, our professionals address a range of needs—from pain relief and energy boosts to focus enhancement and improved physical performance. Booking is essential for our in-demand services.

Pain Relief

Experience significant relief from persistent aches, enabling a more comfortable and efficient day-to-day living without relying on constant medication.

Optimised Movement

Rediscover the joy of unrestricted motion, enhancing daily activities from sports to simple tasks, making every movement feel natural and effortless.

Enhanced Energy

Boost your vitality and stamina. Say goodbye to constant fatigue, embracing a rejuvenated zest for life, every single day.

Pregnancy Care

Unlock the pathway to a smoother pregnancy and healthier infancy. Received tailored treatments to alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort and optimize alignment for both mothers and babies.

Individualised Care

Benefit from a unique treatment plan tailored just for you, ensuring every session addresses your specific needs and health objectives.

Holistic Health

Embrace a comprehensive approach to well-being, harmonising the mind, body, and spirit, cultivating a healthier and more balanced life.


Your first chiropractic session at Inner Strength is required to be 60 minutes and includes a thorough health history and a physical assessment to determine the best way to help you.

Here are the prices for our sessions:

60 mins initial consultation $125

60 mins ACC initial consultation $105

15 mins consultation $60

30 mins consultation $75

60 min consultation $125

15 mins ACC consultation $40

30 mins ACC consultation $60

60 mins ACC consultation $105

If you need an urgent appointment please call our admin team on 03 544 7786 to be placed on our wait list.


Do I need a membership to use Inner Strength Chiropractic?

No membership is needed. You can easily schedule your first appointment using our Online Booking system. Please remember, your initial appointment needs to be one hour long.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Your first 60-minute appointment will include a thorough health history and physical assessment to determine the best way to assist you. Examinations are performed through light clothing, so we recommend wearing something comfortable. Your chiropractic examination will involve a posture assessment, inspection of any injury sites, and a general evaluation of your body’s movement. If chiropractic care is suitable, your chiropractor will collaborate with you to devise a plan aimed at enhancing your body’s performance. This typically involves a series of adjustments, each one building on the previous ones.

How many appointments will I need?

The number of appointments varies based on the specific care you require. Similar to gym training, you may need several initial visits scheduled closer together for optimal progress. We recommend discussing your needs and expectations with your chiropractor to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Can I use my existing ACC claim?

We are ACC-registered, so if you have an existing ACC claim, please discuss it with our chiropractor to see if it can be applied to your current situation. ACC chiropractic care covers the spine/back as well as limbs, such as shoulders, hands, knees, and ankles. You can apply for ACC care directly with our chiropractor, no referral is required.

Inner Strength is a cut above the rest. Right from when you step through the front door you are welcomed as a friend. The expertise right throughout the team is apparent.

Rebecca Curry


Great facilities and amazing staff! They’re super friendly as well as incredibly knowledgeable. Always up to date with the latest research and they really focus on a holistic approach. As a client at Inner Strength, you know you’re always going to be well supported.

Rebekah Proffit


Emma Boyes
Emma Boyes
01:01 12 Feb 24
Angela Donaldson
Angela Donaldson
01:35 29 Jan 24
... There is nothing I don't like about Inner Strength. The gym is never too busy and it is easy to find times where you will find 1-3 others there working out. The women on the reception desk are a delight - so friendly and always ready for a genuine 'pleased to see you' welcome chat. The trainers and members (kids to elderly) are also friendly, always chill and ready with a smile. It is a relaxed atmosphere which I really enjoy. There is nothing pretentious about Inner Strength. There are no blearing TV screens and I love the music! Im a George FM listener so if you like that you'll be happy here. The gym is also super clean. There is a lovely young woman who is employed to clean the equipment and members are really good at cleaning the machines after use. I'm nearly 50 and only recently started back at the gym after a 13 year break and Inner Strength has been perfect for more
mac taggart
mac taggart
04:03 15 Jan 24
... I attend here and see a trainer twice a week. Right from the time you lwalk through the door I find it a pleasant environment. Nice clean facilitiesread more
Tom Heijs
Tom Heijs
18:35 28 Dec 23
... Visited the gym on a casual rate of $15pp as I was only in the Nelson region for a short period of time. Clean gym with good bathrooms. All basic gym equipment including free weights more
Haylie Nixon
Haylie Nixon
02:02 20 Dec 23
... Olivia is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a fair few!!! Amazing techniques suited to each body! I’d be lost or crippled without her!read more
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